The Fear

“The Fear”, it’s a term we use to describe the feeling of impending doom after a big night out. It’s terrifying and debilitating. On the upside it only lasts about a day and while you’re staring into the abyss you can always hope for a Domino’s delivery and a brighter tomorrow.

The fear that isn’t self-inflicted is a bit trickier. Like many other “twenty-somethings” I too have this fear of everything.

  • FOMO – Fear of missing out
  • FOGO – Fear of going out
  • FOSI – Fear of sitting in
  • FOA – Fear of abbreviations
  • and worst of all, FOF – Fear of Failure

“FOF” is that niggily, little voice that likes to share their negative opinions and what-ifs in the dead of night just as you’re about to drift into a blissful slumber. For some it can be a terrible infliction that is extremely difficult to overcome, however in my case I feel that this little voice is sometimes laziness in disguise. If something is challenging and scary and it  gives me the little self-doubting voice, it’s probably something that I should be doing.img_5395-e1507303868499.jpg

I’ve had the notion of starting a blog for a while now but in typical Amy fashion, it has sat on the back burner for a long time. As someone who has been in the school system for a good 24 years it has been ingrained in me that September is the time for a  new start, so here I am writing a blog post! ALRIGHT, I know it’s October but close enough? Rome wasn’t built in a day.

No more procrastination. Get the head down. Pull your socks up.  Get your finger out. etc.

What to expect from me in future posts – food, illustration and probably one or two photos of a Barcelona sunset. Bitches love sunsets.