Word Origin Wednesday #1

WOW1Word Origin Wednesday or WOW for short first popped into my head when I realised that I forgot to unsubscribe from my blog and accidentally paid for another year’s subscription. Nothing like forking out a couple of pounds to make you get creative!

First one coming up…


After doing a bit of research I realised that, no, it did not in fact originate from simply spilling a can of beans, good thing too as that wouldn’t make for a very interesting read.spillbeans

Instead, it apparently goes all the way back to the voting system in Ancient Greece!
The Ancient Greeks cast their votes with beans! White beans indicated a yes vote while black indicated a no vote. Some say that they actually used pebbles but that kind of ruins what I’m trying to do here so ignore that.
For a vote to be successful it also had to be unanimous. It was also important that all votes remained completely secret so they used opaque vases exactly like this one.
Easy. Fool proof. What could go wrong?
You know how there’s always one that has to ruin it for everybody else? Turns out it wasn’t any different back then. The collector would sometimes SPILL THE BEANS either by mistake or on purpose. If this happened and a black bean was seen the whole vote had to be called off. Absolute nightmare for all involved I’m sure.
There you go, now you know!


All of that being said, there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not any of this is completely true as this idiom made its first appearance in the early 20th century where the word “spill” just means “let out”.
I can’t draw that.


Demasié has one of the most stared-into-windows in all of Barcelona. It takes a lot of self-control to walk past this place every day without drooling over their glorious cinnamon rolls.demasiewindowbuns.jpg

After stopping in to do a proper investigation I can say that the interior does not disappoint. Instagram story material.

High ceilings ✓
Plants ✓
Wall art ✓
Amazing food to make other people jealous ✓

What else could you want on your grid?


Their food definitely lives up to the hype too. They offer rolls, cookies and cupcakes.

I opted for their “flagship product”, the Cinnamon Roll and a café con leche!


Bring your appetite. These rolls are NOT for the faint hearted. I am a self-proclaimed horse and even I struggled to get through it!


Although there is a constant stream of people through their doors, the vibe is very relaxed. The staff are really lovely and are prepared for all your questions!

Sometimes when I’m drawing in public I get a bit paranoid but this was not the case here at all! Maybe everyone was slipping away into a sugary carb induced coma?

I was able to perch myself in the corner, tackle my monster roll and doodle away! Great!


At €2.50, they’re definitely a little bit pricer than your average roll, but then again, they’re in no way average I will 100% be back to try their Oreo Roll too!

“Best rolls in Barcelona” – This is how I will be describing my summer body if I keep this habit up!

Check them out – https://demasie.es/
Address – Carrer de la Princesa, 28, 08003 Barcelona