Demasié has one of the most stared-into-windows in all of Barcelona. It takes a lot of self-control to walk past this place every day without drooling over their glorious cinnamon rolls.demasiewindowbuns.jpg

After stopping in to do a proper investigation I can say that the interior does not disappoint. Instagram story material.

High ceilings ✓
Plants ✓
Wall art ✓
Amazing food to make other people jealous ✓

What else could you want on your grid?


Their food definitely lives up to the hype too. They offer rolls, cookies and cupcakes.

I opted for their “flagship product”, the Cinnamon Roll and a café con leche!


Bring your appetite. These rolls are NOT for the faint hearted. I am a self-proclaimed horse and even I struggled to get through it!


Although there is a constant stream of people through their doors, the vibe is very relaxed. The staff are really lovely and are prepared for all your questions!

Sometimes when I’m drawing in public I get a bit paranoid but this was not the case here at all! Maybe everyone was slipping away into a sugary carb induced coma?

I was able to perch myself in the corner, tackle my monster roll and doodle away! Great!


At €2.50, they’re definitely a little bit pricer than your average roll, but then again, they’re in no way average I will 100% be back to try their Oreo Roll too!

“Best rolls in Barcelona” – This is how I will be describing my summer body if I keep this habit up!

Check them out –
Address – Carrer de la Princesa, 28, 08003 Barcelona